New Zealand Thoroughbred Marketing (NZTM) was established in 1997

‘To communicate and actively market, for the long-term financial benefits of all stakeholders, the attributes of the New Zealand thoroughbred industry to clearly identified international markets’. 

NZTM was created in response to the recognition by the national breeders’ association and the principal sales company of the need to market the whole industry, distinct from the advertising of individual sales, vendors & horses. 

Funded by the Industry through a commission on all horses sold at the New Zealand Bloodstock sales, NZTM also receives a small levy from all broodmare returns. 

Additionally, NZTM also runs the NZ Racing Desk on behalf of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, supplying free editorial and images to any media outlet.

Andrew Birch

Chief Executive Officer 
+64 21 271 0377

The board

Chris Weaver

Danny Rolston
New Zealand Bloodstock Sales Manager

Bernard Saundry
New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing Chief Executive

Shannon Taylor
New Zealand Thoroughbred Breeders’ Association Council

Rodney Schick
Studmasters’ Branch representative

Simms Davison
Studmasters’ Branch representative


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